Manage Claims Confidently

The claim system allows employees to submit claims, update and view past reports easily. There are multiple approval levels and the system is closely integrated with payroll, so no manual calculation is needed


Flexible & Accurate Claim Management

Pay your employees for their claims accurately and on time. Your hardworking team expects a system that works as hard as they do.

Periodical Claim

System allows flexible adjustment to claim period

Unlimited Claim Items

there is no limit on claim items that HR admin can create

Integrated with Payroll

Claim data is seamlessly connected with Payroll

Claim Grades & Types

HR admin can create unlimited claim grades and types

Claim Reports

Access to claim reports in various formats

Flexible Claim Management

Pay your employees for their claims accurately and on time. The system comes with built-in currency convertor, allows the admin to approve or reject claims with email notifications.

Multi-Currency & Country

Simply key in the expenses incurred during your business trip and we will do the currency conversion for you. Admin can also manage employee claims across different countries in one platform.

Approvals & Delegation

Assign the claim approver that you want and delegate to another manager while on leave.

Configurable Claim Policies

You can set up different claim types and nature based on your company policy.

Abaca is the leading SaaS HR & Payroll software provider for SMEs in Asia. The online HR Payroll system is simple to use, flexible, robust, compliant & secured for companies in Asia to process paychecks & HCM easily.

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