Analytics – The way to make smarter decisions


Turn your Employee Data into Useful Insights

With data analytics, your management team can do less guessing and rely more on data reports to make wise HR decisions.

HR Analytics

Compare Turnover rate year-on-year. Compare gender mix, full time vs part time, local employees vs foreign employees etc.


With the employee and payroll data of your company, the reports are generated with great accuracy using Abaca proprietary technology

Beautiful Reports

Instantly create reports with engaging graphics to help you analyze your HR data and make strategic decisions

Dashboard View

The reports that you commonly use are displayed on dashboard. You may configure which to show


Ever since we started in Singapore, Abaca has expanded quickly in the Asian region. With a dashboard view, you may view HR reports and get insight on your team based in multiple locations easily.

Report Sharing

When requested by various parties, you may share your reports and limit access to sensitive information protected with custom viewing permissions.

Abaca is the leading SaaS HR & Payroll software provider for SMEs in Asia. The online HR Payroll system is simple to use, flexible, robust, compliant & secured for companies in Asia to process paychecks & HCM easily.

Get your team onboard with Abaca.