Full Suite Payroll

The payroll system is an agile application that is simple to use and feature rich for the payroll admin. It can handle complex payroll calculations and meets all your needs to manage a digital workforce efficiently.

Get a full suite Enterprise version for $12/month per employee only.


Power and Simplicity

Introduce your team to the platform with easy steps. Start processing your Payroll in minutes, not hours.

Multiple Pay Period

Easily Configurable pay period

Unlimited Pay Run

Process payroll multiple times

Unlimited Pay Items

Flexibly add / manage pay items

Bulk Upload

Upload multiple records instead of 1 by 1

Bank File

Details of individual payments comprised in a payment batch.

Secure & Updated

Data stored in secured public server.

Payslip Comments

Allow HR admin to add/manage comments

Simple to Use

There are 3 simple steps to run payroll – Select, Adjust & Run. Save valuable time & make your job easier.

Year-End Tax

You may use the in-built tax engine to process complex tax calculations. Tax filing can be automated for submission to IRAS.

Itemised Payslips

Employees can view and download payslips with individual items displayed on payslip clearly. They can download in office or using their mobile devices.

General Ledger

Payroll system is integrated with general ledger so information is condensed and imported directly into the company's main accounting systems.

Compliant & Accurate

We hire local compliance specialists to minimize compliance risks for your business. Build trust with your employees by paying them accurately. Avoid late payment penalties.

Integrated with HR

The payroll function is closely connected to other HR modules so payroll admin can save time and minimize on manual processing work.

Abaca is the leading SaaS HR & Payroll software provider for SMEs in Asia. The online HR Payroll system is simple to use, flexible, robust, compliant & secured for companies in Asia to process paychecks & HCM easily.

Get your team onboard with Abaca.