Easy Time Management Tool

The time and attendance system is developed with complex payroll rules so the payroll admin can send data to payroll for processing with simple steps.


Time and Attendance Tracking can be hassle FREE

Tracking of working hours and overtime could be challenging. The Time management Tool saves you plenty of time as it tracks your employees' working hours efficiently, eliminating a lot of paperwork.

Timesheet Configuration

HR admin can configure time & attendance system according to company policy

Approvals & Delegation

Multiple approval levels & delegate to another manager when on leave

Configurable OT Capping

HR admin can configure maximum monthly or quarterly OT claim

Timesheet Reports

Reports easily available in various formats for export and download

Customized OT Configuration

The time and attendance system is highly flexible can be configured according to company policies.

Bulk Data Upload

HR Admin can save precious time by uploading all time and attendance records at one go, instead of data for each employee at a time.

Integration with Payroll

Working hours and OT data is transferred to payroll automatically. The system is beautifully integrated with payroll so no manual pay calculation is needed.

Overtime (OT) Grades and Rates

Admin can create OT grades and rates for individual employees. Overtime pay will be automatically calculated and the data processed with Payroll.

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