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The Partner Platform

At ePayslip we understand the importance of partnership. That is why every ePayslip enterprise sale goes through our certified partner network because although our software is easy to use, we believe our customers would benefit from having an experienced vendor to assist them with their payroll needs.

Extend your service scope to include payroll as a one-stop solution for your clients, save them the trouble to look elsewhere and they will appreciate what you do.

Partner Benefits

Generate Revenue

By partnering with ePayslip, not only you get to earn commission for the lifetime of your customers, you get to be a one-stop IT shop for them. Customers these days are looking for partners that can provide a wholistic solution for all of their IT needs.

HR Collaboration

Elevate your client’s HR practices so they can keep up and stay ahead of competition.

Zero Investment

We will provide all the necessary hands-on training and assist you in your initial setups. Our top partners will get leads and marketing assistance. As a Gold Partner, we will provide the software for your own internal use so you can become very familiar with the software to support your customers with ease.

Co-branding Opportunities

Your brand logo is visible on platform, together with Abaca logo

Support & Training

Receive ongoing support and training on product updates, new features and more. As a direct user of the software and due to working closely with the customers, you will be part of the community that influences what goes into the product.

Partners Events

Get exclusive invitation to our premium events organized for partners

Marketing Collateral

We will be participating in HR related events in Singapore and as part of our Gold Partner benefits, you will be able to join us in those events. We will provide marketing collaterals and invite you to participate in our marketing campaigns.

Free Software Usage

As valued partner, you may enjoy free use of Abaca software for your own company


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